About us

Check out our new location in Sussex, WI! Malabar Coffee and Tea- Sussex is located right on the corner of Hwy 74 and Main Street. Come check out our delicious homemade baked-goods and the beautiful scenery Sussex has to offer.

Coffee. You start your day with it, drink it as an afternoon pick me up and perhaps end a delightful meal with a cup before settling in for the night. We have so many choices when it comes to coffee: pick some up at the grocery store (choose from dozens of brands, prices, roasts) and brew it at home, swing by a drive thru and get a cup, stop by your favorite coffee shop… it just goes on and on!

When we started Malabar Coast Coffee & Tea a few years ago we had 2 goals: Offer a unique coffee and bring a better selection and knowledge of tea to the good people of Wisconsin and beyond.
That coffee is part of our name… the monsooned Malabar.

When the trading ships of Europe would return from the Spice Islands bringing the flavors and treasures of the East to the people of the West, they would stop at the Southwest coast of India, pick up a load of coffee from the area and then wait out the monsoons before heading home. The coffee beans that the traders had in their holds were exposed to constant humid conditions and underwent characteristic changes. The beans changed in size, texture, and appearance, both as beans and in the cup. Thus creating the unique characteristics of the Monsooned Malabar!

When it comes to tea, we are in a very exciting time- very similar to the specialty coffee explosion of the early 1990’s. The selections of tea that we have today are way, way beyond your Auntie’s orange pekoe. Green tea, white tea, herbals, black tea with amazing flavor combinations- who knows how great it will get?

Whether it is coffee or tea, rest assured…Malabar will be there for you: sampling, choosing, serving only the best. We look forward to serving you!